Adding a free Let's Encrypt certificate on Azure Web App Step 2: Resource group access

In the previous post, we have configured an app registration to give us the means to identify the Let’s Encrypt app during automatic jobs. Now we will give access to the app so that it can manage the resources inside the web application for us.

Go to the resource group that contains the web app where the SSL certificate will be installed. Click on the Access control (IAM) menu:

Resource group access control

On the right-hand side of the page, you should be able to see the role assignment widget. Click on the Add button inside it:

Add role assignment button

And in the role assignment window, add the Let’s Encrypt app registration as a contributor to the resource group as shown below. To find the correct app registration, use the search functionality inside the Select field. When searching for the app name, the search results will be shown below the Select field. Once clicked in the result, the app registration will then also be shown in the Selected members list.

Add role assignment window

Click the save button to finalise granting the rights to the application. Now technically, the Let’s Encrypt app has the necessary rights to modify our resources inside the selected group.

Finding the subscription id

Before we conclude this step, since we are already inside the Resource group page, take note of the subscription ID as indicated above. We will also need this later, together with the client secret and client ID which we had copied during the first step. Then in the next step, we will set up a storage account.

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