Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (ZX Spectrum 128K)

The mystical crystal treasures of the Yolk Folk have been stolen from the Temple of Zeffar!

Return them fast or, as prophecy has it, Dizzy's world will be under the shadow of darkness for ever!

Time is running out...

This is a fan-made ‘remaster’ of the original game. Although it runs on the same hardware as the original it takes advantage of the improvements in game development methods refined over the 25 years since the original’s release. However this version does require a 128K machine whereas the original also ran on 48K and only made use of the improved hardware to play better music.

It’s also nice how the first level is a prelude to Dizzy’s grand adventure. Initially, the biggest problem facing the yolkfolk is a broken generator, but solve the first puzzle to find out that bigger trouble lies ahead.

Why should you play this game today?

If you played the original and enjoyed it, you will surely want to play this. The graphics in this version will quickly catch your attention for being better, but generally everything seems improved in this labor of love. One nice thing is that the puzzles are not exactly the same, and the authors even manage to make fun about the game it is derived from. It does have the same abrupt ending as the original and leaves you wishing for more, but hey it’s free!


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