The Illustrated Story of Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge (Amiga 500/600/1200)

Elaine: Well, well, well. Guybrush Threepwood. You do turn up in the strangest places.

Guybrush: Err... Hi, Elaine. Do you think you could help me out?

Elaine: How did you get into this mess?

Guybrush: It's kind of a long story.

Elaine: That's OK. I've got time.

Guybrush: *sigh* Well, it all started on Scabb Island. Some of my admiring fans pressured me into telling my LeChuck evaporating story once again...

Game Highlights

The Largo Embargo

Guybrush is on a new mission, which apparently is to annoy the world with the stories of his amazing feats against LeChuck. The man who is going to silence him is just around the corner however. Or rather, on the other side of the bridge that leads into the ramshackle coastal village of Woodtick. Largo LaGrande is waiting at the toll bridge, waiting to pounce upon any hapless passers-by. Guybrush is his next victim, and he happens to be loaded with money, which Largo duly takes away from him.

Not a promising start for sure, but Guybrush still thinks that he is a mighty pirate. He spends some time to get to know the locals and meet some old friends, who all seem to agree on one thing: Largo must be disposed of, but who can do it? Largo is terrorising the neighbourhood, and to top it all off, he has imposed an embargo that prevents every vessel from leaving the island. And to think that Guybrush wanted to set off to sea and find treasure! However all is not lost, as at least Wally the cartographer gives him some hope by telling him that there is indeed a map that will take him to the treasure of Big Whoop. All he needs is to find it, however it has been split into four pieces.

Related saved game name: Start (see bottom of page for download)

Running Errands on Scabb Island

Fortunately for Guybrush, he finds the voodoo lady that had helped him in his previous adventure living in a swamp on Scabb Island. She welcomes him in her shack and tells him that the only way to get rid of Largo is to make a voodoo doll, but Guybrush must venture around the island to find the required ingredients. The mighty pirate manages to find the ingredients after rummaging around, and with doll in one hand and long, sharp pins in the other, he goes to confront Largo. The bully cannot stand the pain that Guybrush inflicts upon him, but Guybrush is stupid enough to start boasting about his previous dealings with LeChuck and gets out LeChuck's ghost beard to prove his claim. Largo cannot believe his luck as he makes away with the beard, which he can now use to revive LeChuck from the dead! Related saved game name: Largo-vodoo

Four Map Pieces

Guybrush is in deep trouble now, as he knows that LeChuck will surely come looking for him seeking revenge. At least, with LaGrande gone, the embargo is lifted. So he can go looking for the map of Big Whoop, which now the voodoo lady confirms as being the only way that Guybrush can escape from LeChuck. Guybrush charters a ship from Captain Dread and starts his search on the other two nearby Booty Island and Phatt Island. The people on Booty Island are of the partying sort, organising Mardi Gras parties and running spitting contests. There are also some colourful shops like Stan's Previously Owned Coffins, and Captain Capsize offers boating excursions. At the costume party Guybrush also has the chance to meet the woman of his dreams, governor Elaine Marley. Alas, dressed like he is Guybrush hardly makes an impact on her heart, and she is quick to throw him out of her mansion.

Related saved game names: Map, Booty, Dry Bones Song

Phatt Island, on the other hand, is a criminal haven governed by a fat dictator that cannot even get out of his bed. The governor orders Guybrush to be jailed, and tries to trade him for some of LeChuck's cash. Guybrush however makes friends with the guard dog, and gets out to continue his personal quest to find the map pieces. He finds the first map piece after winning a drinking contest, and then goes on to find the rest of the map pieces. With map in hand, Guybrush re-visits Wally, leaving him to put the pieces of the map back together. Whilst Guybrush is consulting the voodoo lady however, Wally is captured and taken by LeChuck to his island fortress. At this point, Guybrush decides to go after them and sneak into the fortress.

Related saved game name: Phatt

LeChuck's Fortress

After being forced to eat bat lungs and eel bladders on his trip to the island, Guybrush manages to find Wally trapped in a cell and chained to the roof. Alas, LeChuck captures him too, and relishes the opportunity to try his new torture chamber on his two guests. Still keeping his calm while being suspended over an acid pit, Guybrush first frees his friend and himself, but then accidentally blows up the fortress into kingdom come. The blast throws him flying towards Dinky Island, home of Big Whoop! What a lucky strike!

Related saved game name: Fortress

Upon this mysterious island, Guybrush finds his old friend Herman, and a talking parrot that knows the location of the treasure. With all the time in the world before someone comes looking for him, Guybrush obtains two things: he learns philosophy and also where the spot he was looking for lies. He is a bit too anxious to find the treasure though, as he ends up falling into the massive hole in the ground that he has just opened up with dynamite.

Related saved game name: Dinky Island

Let's Go Ride The Madly Rotating Buccaneer

Big Whoop's magic is extremely powerful and seemingly has a will of its own. It manages to find Guybrush, but there's a surprise; so does LeChuck! And he is looking for revenge! And he is holding a voodoo doll in the image of Guybrush! And ouch! However the very fabric of reality gets distorted as Big Whoop starts taking its toll. Guybrush suddenly realises that all along he was just playing a make-believe game of pirate hide and seek at the amusement park with his brother Chuckie, and is saved from his clutches when one of the park's attendants finds them and returns them to their parents, leaving Elaine waiting for her love's return, wondering what might have happened.

Related saved game name: Ending


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