The Illustrated Story of Diggers (Amiga CD32)

Stories of the Planet Zarg’s mineral wealth are legendary. Large amounts of minerals and ores, including diamonds, rubies, emerald and gold can be found below the planet’s surface. But the enormous volcanic activity that created these riches also threw up a large number of perils and hazards. As a result, mining the Planet Zarg is an extremely hazardous operation. Early diggers lured by labels on space charts saying ‘here be treasures’ perished in their thousands.

Game Highlights

Raising Cash to Win

After registering for their next excavation, the F’Targs prepare their team of five diggers to reap the riches hidden under the surface of the area known as Dhobbs. Reaching their target is easy enough in this region, with only a few perils getting in the way of the miners, making the F’Targs look for more riches further down the map.

Other regions are not so friendly, and competing miners make sure to get in the way. However, after traveling throughout the varied terrain, the F’Targs’ cunningness takes them to conquer the whole planet. Now they have traded enough gems to make their dream come true.

Mining Operations Completed

The F’Targs construct their own museum of metal marvels with their earnings. Whilst the mysterious figure of the master miner returns from whence he came.


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