The Illustrated Story of Wing Commander (Amiga CD32)

In the distant future, mankind is locked in a deadly war...

Game Highlights

Joining The Elite

The Tiger's Claw, one of the finest military carriers of the Terran Space Federation, arrives into the the Vega sector. The atmosphere seems to be quite calm at the moment as Lieutant Kaishakunin, one of the latest arrivals on board, steps out of the fight simulator and gets greeted by Shotglass, the bartender. He is also welcomed by Paladin, who invites the newcomer to join him for a drink, and Angel, who starts giving some statistics that can probably help the young pilot during battle.

I Think I Saw A Pussy Cat

The Claw is quick to start its maneuvers. Starting with the Killer Bees Squadron, our hero jumps into the cockpit for his first assignment. During their patrol, Kaishakunin and his wingman Spirit engage some Kilrathi fighters and have to navigate through an asteroid field. This was an easy mission, but now the Kilrathi know about the terran presence in the Enyo System.

Showing Progress

After killing another five Kilrathi Salthi fighters whilst escorting a Drayman-class transport to its jumppoint, the Tiger's Claw also gets ready to leave the Enyo system. There is enough time however, for Commander Halcyon to promote Kaishakunin to 1st Leutenant, award him with the Bronze Star medal and assign him to the Blue Devil Squadron.

Once in the McAuliffe system, our hero is introduced to his new wing mates Knight and Iceman. Aboard his new Scimitar-class medium fighter, he can intimidate his enemies even more. Not wanting to unleash his craziest fighter Maniac, the colonel sends Kaishakunin and Paladin to intercept an advancing enemy convoy. They find themselves face to face with a Ralari-class destroyer complete with its fighter escort. After the small fighters are destroyed with some nifty moneuvers, the huge destroyer proves to be an easy pick for the two terran fighters.

Scared Cats

It is clear now that the Tiger Claw's task in McAuliffe was to clear the way for tranport ships and tankers that will surely help the war effort with their supplies. During an escort mission with another transport, Kaish and Paladin are intercepted by Bhurak Starkiller, a famous Kilrathi hero with 64 kills under his belt. He proves to be nothing more than a coward though in this instance. When he finds that his enemies are amongst the best that the Federation has to offer, Bhurak flees the fight leaving the rest of his team to die.

Such is the fear that the earth's aces have instilled within the Kilrathi throughout the McAuliffe system, that a surprise Kilrathi attack on a Terran research facility against unprepared scientists also proves fruitless. As the fighting in this system looks to be over, the proud terran crew leave for the Gimle System where they are called into action once again. Kaishakunin is transferred to the Star Slayer Squadron and can now fly a Raptor-class heavy fighter.

Honorable Death

Gimle is an occupied Kilrathi system with a habitable planet that has seen a lot of atrocities against humanity, and the Tiger's Claw comes just in time to save the day against a myriad of furballs. Maniac and Hunter can't wait to get their hands on the new Rapier-class prototype fighter, but it is the newly promoted Captain Kaishakunin and his wingmate Angel that have the honour of testing this nippy machine. It seems they like it!

Word starts getting around that the ruthless Kilrathi ace Dakhath is killing helpless Federation pilots around the Gimle System. However, as the Kilrathi start to gather their forces together, Colonel Halcyon sends his fighters to find out what the cats are up to. Dakhath is found by Tau Wing's patrol, where our hero proceeds to blast him into space in a head-to-head battle. At least 'Deathstroke' did not act cowardly in his Dralthi's seat. Meanwhile, the Federation is also doing well in the Brimstone System. Not only in space, but on the world's surface as well, where human soldiers take out an important Kilrathi base.

Excel in Every Way

The Tiger's claw takes a break from the frontline and jumps into the Dakota System. Here, the terran colony on Fargo is facing an outbreak of Watson's disease and a quick medical action is required. The Confederation is sending a transport ship with a vaccine for the deadly disease, and the Tiger's Claw is called in to make sure that it arrives to its destination safely. When this mission is completed, Colonel Halcyon sends his men to scout for more Kilrathi. They find a bunch of them and in the last sortie the Tiger's crew successfully trash an entire Kilrathi convoy, including a number of fuel and troop transports and the noble Kilrathi ace Bakhtosh Redclaw. Meanwhile, Kaishakunin gets promoted to Major and is reassigned with the Black Lion Squadron to drive the new Rapiers.

Reaching The Top

The terran fleet begins to converge its forces into the Kurasawa System, which is a Kilrathi stronghold known as Warach Tha. At the same time, the Kilrathi Empire starts sending troops and supplies into the Kurasawa bases in the hope to stop their advance. The colonel sends his best fighters to stop the Kilrathi transports from reaching their destination. Kaishakunin is just happy to have his name at the top of the chalkboard, putting him as the best fighter on the Claw.

Soon, he is called to show his ability however, when the Confederation successfully captures a Ralari class destroyer from the enemy but are under attack by heavy fire. A quick strike by Kaishakunin puts the attacking fighters out of action, and the Ralari can now be equipped for the offensive. Meanwhile, our hero also finds out that the Formidable, the destroyer he had served on during his training, needs an escort to bring it to the Tiger's Claw for repairs. He volunteers to help, and takes Bossman along for a ride through a minefield to bring Commander Della Guardia's ship back.

Gaining More Enemy Ground

The terran offensive continues deep inside Kilrathi space, with the Tiger's Claw moving into the Venice system. Intelligence reports suggest that the Kilrathi High Command base is orbiting the water world Kharak Tar, and so the colonel starts sending his men on scouting patrols. On one of these missions, Kaishakunin encounters Khajja The Fang, another famous Kilrathi ace known for his agility. Resorting to all his flying skills and nerve, Kaishakunin blasts both Khajja and the enormous destroyer that he is defending into space. Amidst news that Bhurak Starkiller is traveling to the Venice System to aid his comrades, the Tiger's Claw is partnering with the Kyoto carrier to continue looking for the Kilrathi base. Kaishakunin and three other fighters inadvertedly succeed in finding it when they pounce upon a Fralthi carrier that happens to be communicating with the main base.

The Missiles of Hope

The Claw's aces get the honour of destroying the Kilrathi Starbase. As the Terran navy punches trough the cat's defense, Kaishakunin and his wingman force their way in, through mines, fighters, destroyers, and more fighters before unloading their missiles into the starbase's belly.

As the remaining enemy fighters flee, the Tiger's Claw navigates proudly into the distance. On board, its crew celebrates the victory that has already made it a legend within the whole Vega sector.


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