The Illustrated Story of Arkanoid (Amiga 500/600/1200)

The era and time of this story is unknown. After the mothership Arkanoid was destroyed, a spacecraft Vaus scrambled away from it. But only to be trapped in space warped by someone.....

Game Highlights

Out of This Galaxy

Vaus finds itself stranded with a huge solid wall on one side, and an ugly looking void on the other. It decides that the way to safety is beyond the wall, but the problem is how to get there. Luckily, the craft has one energy ball available. And perhaps it can be bounced against the wall to break through? Simply brilliant!

More Strange Encounters

With the first wall behind, Vaus finds more walls on its way to freedom. Although all similar-looking, each wall presents a different challenge. In some cases there are even unbreakable golden bricks in the wall, and so a path around them needs to be found.

Vaus also notices that there are alien creatures living behind the walls. These creatures are harmless and burst instantly if touched. However they can deflect the energy ball if hit, risking to make it fall into the void. This cannot be permitted, so Vaus has to be extra careful and blow away the creatures when the chance arises.

Power to The Bat-Like Thingy

Most interestingly, some bricks drop down coloured globules when destroyed. And when Vaus catches them some welcome effects are discovered. With the powered-up abilities to increase in size, shoot lasers, increase the number of energy balls and so on, the prospect of bringing the walls down starts to become less daunting.

Screenful of Stuff

As the energy ball starts speeding up, it becomes more difficult to keep control of things. Although if Vaus wants to make it back home, complete control of the situation is a must. So juggling the ball, creatures and powerups in this frantic universe becomes second nature.

Variation on A Theme

The walls that confront Vaus have been alternating in their defensive ingenuity. Some were very easy to destroy, most required very quick reflexes whilst others were simply devious, with the last brick hiding in a tricky place. Undeterred, Vaus just keeps on moving through wall after wall.

That's One Giant Head

As the final wall is broken through, Vaus learns the purpose for all these defenses. They were surely protecting the virtual entity known as Doh. For the first time in its escape mission, Vaus is confronted with an enemy that can destroy him with some heavy firepower. However, Doh is weak against the energy ball and his life quickly fades away as Vaus successfully hits him multiple times while avoiding the oncoming flak.

Back to Normal

Dimension-controlling fort "Doh" has now been destroyed, and time started flowing reversely. "Vaus" managed to escape from the distorted space.But the real voyage of "Arkanoid" in the galaxy has only started.....


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